Reduce Repair Costs

by not allowing an asset to reach complete end of life (catastrophic) failure, other components can be saved from complete destruction or wear.

Reduces Unplanned Maintenance

with powerful trending techniques, defects can be detected at earlier stages, thus allowing planned preventative maintenance tasks around shutdown


providing piece of mind that all of your critical assets have been checked thoroughly and reported on, providing clear communication that can give stakeholders confidence.

Why choose PFE Limited?

As a family owned business, we 'go the extra mile' for our service quality, we don't believe in compromising service quality for cost or time. Our engineers have extensive experience, and training in services offered, and our reports are tailor made for your requirements. We ensure consistency, and repeatability by having a dedicated engineer for your thermography requirements, reducing the inaccuracy caused by differing measurement locations or settings. We utilise the latest technology on the market for our services.

Specialist Thermography

We perform thermal imaging of a vast array of different equipment, whether mechanical, electrical, or process related.

Some examples can be seen in this gallery, including furnaces (burner barrels/doors), panels, motors, fans.