Mechanical Repair

In-house balanced

Since we offer dynamic workshop balancing, we are able to balance our mechanical repair jobs in house to save time and money, and ensure the best balance is achieved.

OEM parts

To ensure the correct and best of quality parts, we always go back to the manufacturer. Our great network of contacts makes this possible, especially in the case of KSB Pumps.

Full disassembly report

by providing a breakdown of components, with images outlining any damage/wear found in the unit, the root cause can be investigated, to assist with preventing the same failure.

Why choose PFE Limited?

As a family owned business, we 'go the extra mile' for our service and repair quality, we don't believe in compromising quality for cost or time. Our engineers have extensive experience, and training in services offered, and our reports are tailor made for your requirements. We always use OEM parts on our rebuilds, to ensure maximum reliability and compatibility.

Quality, Communication

We take pride in our mechanical repair jobs, we are met with a vast array of pump types and other repairs.

By giving you a full strip-down report with images included, the root cause of failure can be determined more easily, and the cost for repair quantified.

KSB Authorised Service Partner

KSB are a well known global manufacturer of quality pumps, ranging from the extremely small to the extremely large.

As of 2015, PFE were the first service partner company to enter an authorised service partner agreement with KSB, thus providing high quality OEM repairs at fair pricing in the North-West of England.