Laser Alignment

Reduce Energy Usage

with a lower 'heavy spot', there is a reduction in radial & axial forces, thus often there is often less loading on the motor following balancing of an asset.

Increased Safety

by reducing mechanical stresses, the machine is less likely to catastrophically fail (and eject material).

Extend Bearing & Seal Life

by reducing radial and thrust loading on the bearings, their life can typically be extended further than if the asset was to be left out of balance. Seal life is extended by ensuring the shaft is running true within the seal.

Why choose PFE Limited?

As a family owned business, we 'go the extra mile' for our service quality, we don't believe in compromising service quality for cost or time. Our engineers have extensive experience, and training in services offered. Using this extensive experience, we ensure that the alignment is performed to the best of standards, to the tightest of tolerances, our reports are straight from the equipment, with nothing hidden in the process. We utilise the latest technology on the market for our services.


We specialise in multiple forms of laser alignment, including specialist alignments such as vertical, or unusual machinery. We have experience with all forms of correction and layouts.

Take a look at some of our alignments in the images.