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Using state-of-the-art modern equipment and techniques, combined with decades of experience, PFE provide an effective vibration analysis service which can help prevent unexpected failures.

We offer one-off fault analysis for the tricky problems that can't seem to be fixed, as well as our bespoke monitoring services:
There are various ways which vibration analysis can be implemented:
- Routine (often monthly) checks allowing powerful trending and prediction.
- Remote; if preferred there are methods which allow the collection of data by on-site staff with some effective training. This data can then be sent to PFE to thoroughly analyse.
- Online systems can be supplied and installed by PFE, which will take continuous measurements and even interface with current on-site systems via, for example, Modbus.

Vibration Analysis

A powerful form of predictive maintenance.

Using modern software and thermal camera, infrared temperature images can be taken which have a wide array of uses.

The service can be accompanied with a vibration routine for a more comprehensive electro-mechanical survey, including electrical panels, motors, and bearings.
Other uses have been insulation deterioration, pipe leaks, and even start-up procedures can be analysed with this service.
Our technology supports panaromic radiographic imaging, infrared video recording and IR time lapse; which can provide solutions to some difficult monitoring solutions.


A niche view with often untapped and unexpected benefits.

Using the latest in precision laser technology, PFE are able to achieve extremely tight tolerances in a fraction of the time of traditional dial gauge methods.
Our techniques are drawn upon decades of experience, combining modern technology with traditional technique.

We also offer some alternative services, such as thermal expansions measurements; where we are able to attach our equipment to the body of a machine and measure it's expansion cold to hot or hot to cold.

Correct alignment is essential for ensuring maximum MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of rotating equipment.

Laser Alignment

Precision shaft alignment ensures maximum lifespan of sensitive components

At PFE, we offer two balancing solutions to best meet requirements:

- Situ Balancing offers a solution where the rotation element does not require removal from site. Using a hatch or opening, masses can be fixed and secured to offset warp/heavy spots in a unit. Situ balancing can save a lot of time and money where imbalance is the primary cause of concern.

Workshop balancing offers a solution for elements which are removed from site. Capable of transporting up to 1600 kg, and balancing up to 2200 kg; PFE can handle most of your workshop balancing requirements. PFE go beyond the standard tolerances and achieve the best possible balance, every time.

A correctly balanced element can increase bearing life exponentially.

Dynamic Balancing

Rotational unbalance forces can cause severe vibration and wear.

As official KSB Authorised Service Partner (click to see KSB press release), PFE have experienced engineers and access to a vast pool of knowledge. This allows cost efficient and precise repair of pumps.

PFE will handle repairs on a range of equipment, and for any equipment out of the normal range,a network of trusted partners can be arranged to complete the task to very high standards.

Mechanical Repair

Experienced and precise

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